Chance the kitten
Chance the kitten

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My name is Sir Chancealot. My friends call me Chancie. I am a handsome white kitten who enjoys lots of social interaction. My favorite toy is my toy mouse – named Mousie – and just about anything that moves. I can be found on twitter at and I can be reached at

My favorite song is “Take a Chance on Me” by ABBA. Although I must admit to being a bit of a Rita Coolidge fan, I tend to enjoy any song that has my name in it. I love to jump and live by the philosophy that “to jump is to really live.”

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Chancie out.

Chance's Moon

Blame the Moon

It’s like this: I am having issues – of the existential nature. Normally, I don’t like to throw my thoughts that far into the dark realm, but – what with the unthinkable happening (more about the unthinkable below) – I don’t feel I have a choice. In fact, I am pulled so deep into the vortex of philosophical […]

Sir Chancealot


Did you know that, loosely translated from Yiddish, my full name – Chancealot – means “A daring hunter who could live in the wild for about an hour. And by wild we mean the backyard.” Yes, my name packs a punch. Unfortunately, so does the involuntary sound I make when hunting. The sound, loosely translated […]


I enjoy spending time in our backyard. When I’m outside, I have an…an area…let’s call it a “territory” that I am allowed to explore. My territory is the length of my leash. Yes, a leash. It’s green. My harness is red. My eyes are blue. I’m well lit. I haven’t always been a fan of […]


Lipstick – l-i-p-s-t-i-c-k….lipstick. Don’t want it, don’t need it, don’t like it, can’t eat it. That, my friends, is how I define lipstick. Yesterday, my person kissed me on the cheek before leaving the house. She wore lipstick. I wore my shiny white fur. Two worlds collided. Some things just do not go together. Things […]

Petulance and flatulence

Merriam-Webster says petulance is a noun and that it is the “state of being petulant.” Petulant means to be rude in speech or behaviour. Guilty. I Chancie have been petulant. I can admit when I have had a bad moment. And, I admit that jumping on every chair and counter in the house that I […]



Most of my blog entries are about the things that give my life meaning. Things like ants, spiders, and anything else that crawls; birds and butterflies; bees and buttercups. Yes, buttercups. I see buttercups from my window sill. They cause me to stare and squint and I wish I could eat one. Other things that […]

Chance's Toy Mouse

Spreading the Joy

My toy mousies generate a special feeling for me. When I see any one of the seven I own flying through the air and come crashing to the ground with a bounce here and a bounce there..bounce, bounce, bounce… it makes my heart feel jumpy. And, when something jumps, joy is sure to follow. While […]

This used to be a funhouse

Boundaries are important. They provide an informal set of do’s and don’ts to interpersonal relationships and help those relationships grow and thrive. Despite knowing the importance of boundaries and their function in supporting normal cat development I, Sir Chancie, can honestly say that most clues regarding personal boundaries – especially as they relate to personal […]

The problem with Artie

My recent trip to the vet is a classic tale of grandiose proportions and dramatic undertones. It is a tale that does not wag but has a fluffy and warm sentiment sure to keep movie goers (as it will one day make the big screen) entrenched for the duration. It goes as follows – there […]

Wings that fly

Today was a beautiful spring day. The sun was out, the windows were up, and the sights from my sill were electric. I was enjoying it all when an intruder invaded my space. It was a house fly. The thing about a house fly is – no one wants it in the house. My house […]

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